2018 Matt Kane School of Drumming

Hello Parents and Students! Here you can view all performance images from this year's event. Please contact me with the photo group number for purchase. (If the number does not show up on your mobile device, please note the groups are in numerical order from 1-16.)


It's been a busy Winter

Hello all! The studio remodel is shaping up nicely. I've already had someone in for The Magazine for NORTH HALEDON & HAWTHORNE. And I'm looking forward to the upcoming shoot of a family of 5 this weekend.

It's been great shooting for Downtown Rutherford Magazine too! I've met some fantastic people in and around my community.

In other news, I'm working on getting everything together to start vending this spring and summer. Look for me at you local craft fairs, and I'll keep you posted through my facebook page. Don't forget to like and follow me!

And as always, thanks for visiting!